The Londum Series

a Londum Yuletide

Three spooky, short stories set during the Yuletide season, woven together into one narrative, A Londum Yuletide, to prove that ‘There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio Hornblower!’

Pub Talk

While working on a case in the snowy village of Strapley-on-the-Wold during the Yuletide season, Rufus Cobb, private detective, has a casual conversation with a stranger in the village pub, the outcome of which may have dire consequences for the whole world.

What would you say to a disillusioned Father Yule (the man who delivers toys to all the children) who is about to quit his job?

Trial by Gravity

Jim Darby, gentleman thief, is making his escape from a successful robbery, over a snowy rooftop when disaster strikes, leaving him dangling over a four-storey drop. Luckily, someone comes along who could rescue him; the only trouble is … Jim has to convince him first, why he should.

Unfinished Business

Thornton Wells is visited by one of his trusted Secret Service contacts. A dangerous, foreign agent is about to leave the country with vital information, they must apprehend him immediately, without waiting for backup. The two of them set off at once, there is no time to lose, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

Approx 11,000 words/44 pages.

A Londum Yuletide

These stories are also contained in the collected edition Snowfall.