The Londum Series

Books by Tony Rattigan

Split Infinity

Hair of the Dog

The Speed of Dark

These first three books are collected together in one edition - The Londum Omnibus Volume One

These books are available now for the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader and many other electronic formats. They are also available in paperback at, and Createspace

Snake Eyes

A Londum Yuletide

The Great Game 

Quantum of Solstice

Snowfall (the collected edition of A Londum Yuletide, Quantum of Solstice and Winter Shorts)

Winter Shorts


The Londum Omnibus Volume Two

Other books by Tony Rattigan - coming soon:


Bad Joss

Weasel? What weasel?

The Wellingtons of Iniquity

Whose Coat Is This Jacket?


Moles: For Fun and Profit

An Illustrated Guide to Tetherington Hythe

Luke Backenanger, A Biography

Slimming Down … Doing Away With The Unnecessary People in Your Life!

The Lover’s Guide: When To Take Your Socks Off In Bed.