The Londum Series

Hair of the Dog

A rousing tale of love, larceny, werewolves … and whipped cream!

During a state visit to Albion, the Great Seal of Pils-Holstein is stolen. Private detective Rufus Cobb is called in by Caledonia Yard to recover the Seal and avoid an international incident.

Meanwhile, a werewolf is stalking the East End of Londum, cold bloodedly killing its innocent victims (and some not so innocent ones).

Are the two things connected?

Cobb and Jim Darby are sent to Pils-Holstein by the British Government to put an end to the werewolf menace once and for all but does Darby have his own agenda?

Stuck between the werewolves on one side and Jim Darby on the other, with no one to watch his back, Cobb finds that things can get decidedly … hairy!

Hair of the Dog Review

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