The Londum Series

Jim Darby

Jim Darby, mid thirties, handsome, tall, fair haired and clean shaven. (Apparently, that's not his real name.)

Not much is known about Jim's past. When his mother died he escaped from the workhouse and ran away to sea.

During his travels he made a fortune in the gold and diamond fields of South Afreeka. Joined the British Army in Bharat under the name of Archibald Leach, won a medal for gallantry and then deserted.

Learnt the Cantonese Martial Art of Gung-Ho at the feet of the Master Tie-Pin. Admits to have been trained by some of the finest swordsman in Europe (and some of the dirtiest fighters).

Now, despite his wealth, he often hangs out at the Golden Gryphon pub (which he secretly owns) in the East End of Londum. Spends his time amusing himself by stealing from wealthy or dishonest people and giving the proceeds to people or instutions that he feels can use the money better.

Appears in Split Infinity, Hair of the Dog, Snake Eyes, The Great Game, A Londum Yuletide and Quantum of Solstice.