The Londum Series

Rufus Cobb

Rufus Cobb, early forties, was once a leading light of the Metropolitan Police Force at Caledonia Yard. After he lost his wife in an accident, he spiralled downwards, drinking heavily and was forced to leave the police and become a private detective.

When he was hired by an Arch-Criminal Marcus Quist to find his step daughter, he became involved with Adele Curran who was the one who saved him from despair and gave him a reason to live again.

They now live happily together with Quist's Cantonese henchman who is also Adele's bodyguard, Won Lungh.

Hates being called Rufus so everyone just calls him Cobb.

Appears in Split Infinity, Hair of the DogThe Speed of Dark, A Londum Yuletide and Quantum of Solstice.