The Londum Series

Rufus Cobb's part in this

The reason for the second Big Bang was that a man called Rufus Cobb jumped back through time to the very beginning of Creation, carrying a piece of the original Dark Matter that had exploded and created the original Universe and the Space Time Continuum contained within it.

Yes, that’s right, it was caused by a mere human, a man like me or you - no not you, you’re a woman, move aside please Madam - yes, like you Sir. It was a man called Rufus Cobb and you can read all about it in Split Infinity.

Let’s take a look at one of those Universes, Rufus Cobb’s actually. A closer view of one of its planets called Earth. (They could have called it something flash like Ariani or Galitrea but no … they called it Earth. No imagination some people.)

But, despite the uninspired name, this is an interesting planet. Maybe the walls are thinner between dimensions in this Universe. Maybe this is where all the clean, tidy, sensible Universes dumped all the odd bits they didn't want from their own Universe but whatever the reason, this is a place where Magick exists, where supernatural forces have power, where strange beasts live. Perhaps this is the place that people's dreams visit when they write stories of elves and dwarves, trolls and vampires. This is the sort of planet where, when the ancient mapmakers wrote "Here Be Dragons" on the unknown bits of their maps, they weren't being entirely fanciful.

And this planet Earth and Cobb’s home in Londum, the capital of Albion, is where he tries to make a living as a private detective. On their world it is the Victorian Era, when a quarter of the globe is ruled over by the British Empire that is commanded from the country of Albion, ruled by their beloved King Victor.

These stories take place in that Universe. It may even be your Universe. Who knows? See if you recognise it.