The Londum Series

Split Infinity Review

Very educational. Uses all the letters of the alphabet … and some punctuation too!
 - Schoolteachers Weekly.

Best book I ever read. Why do you never write to me?
 - Author's Mum.

Wonderful book. Makes great toilet paper and if you cut it up really small you can roll fags with it.
 - Recyclers Monthly.

Exciting new talent. Please buy this book.
- The Publisher.

Perfect bedside table book. One of the legs is too short and it wobbles. This is just the right size.
- Handyman Gazette.

Why do you never write to your Mum?
- Author's Auntie.

This guy's a nutter!
 - Sigmund Freud.

Four letters … rhymes with TRAP!
- Crossword Monthly.