The Londum Series

Split Infinity

A sweeping melodrama, full of romance, passion, death and betrayal. A country torn apart by divided loyalties, as great armies battle each other. The story of a woman’s struggle against overwhelming odds. Yes, what a great book “Gone With The Wind” was.

However, about this book …

In an alternate Victorian England, Rufus Cobb, part time private detective, full time drunk, is having a rough time. Once a respected police officer, he is now reduced to tracking lost dogs and unfaithful spouses to make ends meet. And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did.

Hired by his old enemy Marcus Quist to find his missing daughter, before the case is through Cobb will have to face witches, immortals, oriental bodyguards, dangerous foreign monks and mythical monsters. Oh yes, and his cat hates him, as well.

Destiny conspires to saddle Cobb with the most important case of his life, well anybody’s life come to that. The fate of the Universe may depend on Cobb. Good job the pubs stay open late.

And who is killing all the clowns?

Split Infinity Review

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