The Londum Series

About the Author

Tony Rattigan* is the author of a series of books about an alternate Universe, one of many different Universes that make up a Multiverse.

After 22 years in the Royal Air Force, 5 years in the National Health Service and 10 years at one of the UK’s largest charities, Tony decided he’d done enough for Queen and Country and he was about due some ‘me’ time.

Consequently he took early retirement in 2010 to work on his writing. He lives in Oxfordshire with his Albatross and a pet monkey. (No, not really. That’s just a vain attempt to sound interesting.)

*Tony Rattigan is the founder member of the Anti-Reincarnation Society, whose motto is - "Once is Enough!" All members carry a card that reads, 'If found dead - please do not reincarnate'.

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