The Londum Series

The First Big Bang

Everyone wonders how the Universe started. How it all began. Was it a "Big Bang?" Was it a "Small Bang?" Did it wake the neighbours?

Before the Beginning there was nothing … well nothing physical that is. Just long endless nights of stygian blackness with no sound, no warmth, no life.

Then … out of nowhere, first there was a brief pinpoint of light then everything went BRILLIANT WHITE! There was a huge ear-splitting explosion. In that moment Existence was created. Life, the Universe and … (oh no, that's been done hasn't it?). But, well … basically, Creation as we know it, began. From nothing, the Universe sprang into being. All the matter that was destined to become the planets, the stars, the comets, the asteroids and all the empty bits in between, came into existence in that single nanosecond.

But then suddenly there was a second huge, ear-splitting explosion.

The Second Big Bang