The Londum Series

The Londum Omnibus Vol one

The Omnibus edition of The Londum Series containing the first three novels. Collected here for the first time in one volume.

Rufus Cobb, Adele Curran and Jim Darby are the lead characters in a series of books – The Londum Series. Set in an alternate Victorian Era, they recount the adventures of Rufus Cobb a private detective, his lady friend Adele Curran (who just happens to be a witch) and Jim Darby who is a jewel-thief and conman ... but whose crimes strangely only seem to benefit the poor. Cobb and his friends live in the city of Londum, in the country of Albion, the centre of the British Empire.

This book contains the novels:

Split Infinity

Hair of the Dog

The Speed of Dark

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