The Londum Series

The Londum Omnibus Vol Two

The Omnibus edition of the Londum Series Volume Two containing three more novels. Collected here for the first time in one volume.

This book contains the novels:

Snake Eyes: In between rescuing a young girl from child slavery and saving a street full of tenants from an unscrupulous landlord, Jim Darby is planning one of the biggest heists of his career, when an old flame re-enters his life.
Racine Deveaux seeks Jim’s help to bring down her travelling companion, Vincent Lassiter. Reluctant at first to help, Jim is finally persuaded to involve Lassiter in a scam to force him into a position where Racine can be revenged upon him. Seems simple, doesn’t it?
However, Jim has to contend with Lassiter’s man, Bolan, an ex-street fighter, who may be more than a match for Jim. Also there’s as a new addition to Jim’s list of annoyances, Inspector Herbert Corner of Caledonia Yard, who seems intent on finding out Jim’s secrets.
Oh well, it’s just another day at the office for Jim.

The Great Game: Sometimes you can do bad things for good reasons. Ask Jim Darby, he knows better than most. After helping his lady friend, the Honourable Fiona Hetheringham, with a little insurance scam involving the staged theft of the famed Hetheringham Necklace, he’s clandestinely approached by the British Secret Service, in the form of Thornton Wells, to do a little ‘search and recovery’ operation for them.
A secret treaty between Rooskia and the Ostro-Ungarian Empire needs to be recovered from the Rooskian Embassy in Budapescht, so Jim obliges and hands it over to his Ungarian contact. Job done! But suddenly the treaty has disappeared, his contact has gone missing and everyone’s pointing the finger at Jim. Jim has no option but to go back to Budapescht and sort it all out for himself.
And just to add to the fun, Jim’s old adversary from Caledonia Yard, Inspector Herbert Corner, is on his trail for the Hetheringham Necklace robbery.
(There are times, Jim feels, when a change of career to Merchant Banking can seem awfully attractive.)

Foothold: Once upon a time, private detective Rufus Cobb met the supreme being of the Multiverse, the Creator, who was called ... Jeremy. Before they parted, Jeremy gave him these words of wisdom to remember ...
‘Cobb … never trust an Elf!’
‘There’s no such thing as Elves, are there? Even if they weren’t just a myth, surely they died out long ago?’
‘They never died out; they just went … somewhere else. One of these days they’re going to want to come back.’
And now they’re back! They have breached the walls between Universes and, as the last remnants of a dying race, have asked for sanctuary, to escape their own, barren world. The rulers of Cobb’s world are inclined to help but is there something more sinister going on? Mindful of Jeremy’s warning Cobb believes so and tries to warn the authorities but no one will listen until it’s too late.
And now once again, (thanks to Harlequin) they are calling on Cobb to save the day along with Jim, Adele and King Arthur (yes, I did say King Arthur).
This could be Cobb’s most dangerous adventure yet (well, apart from the one with the goat and the machine gun, but that’s another story).

Warning! This book contains flash photography!

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