The Londum Series

The Second Big Bang

This second explosion caused the newly born Universe and the freshly created Space/Time continuum that it resided in, to be shattered into countless streams, almost identical. Like standing in front of a mirror and hitting it with a hammer. Each shard reflects an image of you but none of them shows exactly the same image.

The result was multiple parallel Universes, each one subtly different from the next.

That is what reality is like. There are multiple Universes … a Multiverse, with streams that exist parallel to each other, almost but not quite, the same as the one either side of it. History, as you know it, will have been played out somewhat differently in those alternate Universes. That is what the Multiverse is like … countless Multiple Universes running parallel to each other. Some you would recognise, some you would not, for in each of those Universes, the things that shaped your world may not have happened there (and vice-versa). People have lived, wars have been fought and inventions have been … er … invented, that have driven the pace of advancement in a way that may not match the way things panned out in your neck of the woods.

So while you may be reading this sitting comfortably in your semi-detached in Cricklewood, a hundred Universes over, Captain Lars Felder of the Hyperion Space Command is manoeuvring his Nimwad attack fighter into the final strike position for an attack on a Zykon Death Cruiser. And fifteen Universes over from that, Ug is still trying to figure out how to make that bright yellow stuff that hurts when you put your hand in it but makes you feel so warm and comfortable when you sit next to it on cold nights.

Rufus Cobb's part in this