The Londum Series

Winter Shorts

Another visit to Albion in the Yuletide season. As the snow falls and Solstice approaches join Rufus Cobb and his friends as they once again confront life and death, mystery and Magick, tea and crumpets! Contains the stories:

The One That Got Away

Rufus Cobb is called in by Caledonia Yard to consult on the puzzling murders of several renowned scientists. What connects these deaths to the mysterious figure in Professor Court’s workshop?

All that Glitters ...

Dr. Barnato’s orphanage is in financial trouble and appeals to Jim Darby for help. A large amount of money is needed to save them and it looks like Jim might have to resort to crime again to solve the problem. But then he finds an injured faerie and it occurs to him that if it is true what they say about faeries, then she just might be the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Yuletide Spirit

It’s Solstice Eve in Strapley-on-the-Wold and time for the annual party at the manor. The weather is against them but Thornton Wells and Sir Harold Ingleby take special care to make sure that the village witch makes it to the party and has a good time. So why does she mysteriously disappear overnight?

Approximately 21,000 words.

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